Aesthetic gynecology at Marina MedEstetic
Many circumstances in a woman's life affect the way her intimate organs (vagina, urinary tract, perineal area) function and determine the quality of her sexual life. Hormonal disorders, inflammation, past childbirths, stress, as well as certain medications, can alter the state of tension in the vaginal walls, the degree of lubrication or incontinence issues. These factors significantly reduce the comfort of daily life, sexual sensations, or affect relationships.

Aesthetic gynecology treatments address these problems, improving a woman's comfort and, in turn, significantly affecting her level of self-acceptance. With laser therapy, we can improve the state of tension of the vaginal walls and the degree of its hydration. Treatments using the CO2 laser MonaLisa Touch improve the degree of continence control in the early stages of this dysfunction. Aesthetic gynecology procedures are very popular and are especially recommended for women who are not completely satisfied with the appearance of their intimate areas, which often results in a lowered psychological sphere of life, deterioration of self-esteem and, consequently, deterioration of intimate sex life. Large, or hypertrophied, labia minora can impair the quality of intercourse, make it difficult to wear tight underwear and clothing, and contribute to irritation of the intimate area.

Labiaplasty using the MonaLisa Touch CO2 laser is a quick and minimally invasive way to correct this problem. The laser also helps with the correction of elasticity and discoloration of perineal scars after childbirth, removal of discoloration of the intimate area and anus, as well as any skin lesions of these areas. Aesthetic gynecology is not only laser therapy treatments, but also the possibility of using a wide range of treatments that aesthetic medicine offers, such as vaginal rejuvenation with platelet-rich plasma or hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy of the intimate area, improving the firmness of the labia majora. Procedures of plasma injection of the G-spot (O-shot), clitoral area or clitoral foreskin plasty, significantly improve the quality of sexual sensation during intercourse.